I stay up until 4am writing random blogging challenge posts (sigh) and what do I get in return? Three new followers, out of the blue. How do these things happen?

I’m used to nobody reading anything I write, or at least not telling me they read it. People are notoriously good at that too. So 3 is a very large number in my little writing world. Interesting.

I hope it wasn’t one of those, “Hey, I’ll follow you so that you’ll follow me,” things. If so, it didn’t work–although I did in turn look at those 3 people to try to figure out how they found me. Out of the 3, Felix O’Shea looks like the most entertaining person. If you’re actually reading this, Felix, and not just following me out of complete self-promotion, your blog is a pretty fun little place and I’m pretty sure I could credit you with causing me to write more whimsically this morning.

Also, I read a post in which you mentioned taking “the bins” out (and other stuff) and it just reminded me how much I love the way in which our friends across the pond speak. You brought a spot of joy to my very tired morning and really made me want to visit the UK. 🙂

Now that my friend Saralynn has been successfully married off (huzzah!), I have…no free time on my hands! Just kidding. I have a trip to France to plan. That’s pretty cool. God is already giving me grace this morning as I miraculously function on 5 hours of sleep, which never happens. I think I’m at that point of fake alertness and vigor as a response to total exhaustion. I’m sure I will have a non-caffeine crash in a few hours, as I have no intention of consuming coffee between now and then.

I need to look decent for my passport photo this morning if possible, although I cannot imagine why appearing presentable for a photo in which I am not allowed to express my happiness is necessary. But my hair is a mess, so there’s that.

I solemnly do not promise to write in this manner every day. But for this brief space of time, it was enjoyable. To my IRL friends who comment…hi. And loves. And Bethany, I’m going to respond to your comment very soon.

❤ Jobe


SW30- Day 5

Day 5 of The Single Woman’s 30-Day Blog Challenge.

It’s nearly 2am and I just decided to write another answer to one of these questions. I know I am probably being incredibly stupid as I have a busy week ahead of me but nowhere to go in the morning. But is it any wonder that I am thinking about this more, as one of my closest girl friends got married on Saturday?! Marriage and singleness is on the brain, yo.

What is the biggest misconception you think people have about single life?

I’m going to cheat and give a two-part answer. I think. We’ll see how this plays out, it’s 2am, I don’t know what I’m saying anymore…

Firstly, I think people tend to think that single persons don’t have a life. That is entirely untrue. We do have a life, should we choose to live it. 😉 No, but really, we have one.  While you’re busy buying groceries for you and your hubby or decorating your new home or snuggling or working a job for the good/benefit of not one but two (or more, should you have a little one(s) ) or whatever it is you lovely people do, we are busy doing much the same thing, but for one. Or for whatever family/friend combo we happen to be living with at the time. We also do fun things like knit or crochet, paint, write, insert every other artistic activity here. We bond with friends, take soup to the sick (for the truly brave), have coffee dates with people of various ages, take off for an activity on a whim without communicating with anyone else necessarily, enjoy personal Bible time, take a leisurely walk by a lake with camera in hand, do hipsterly things…we have a life.

It just looks a bit different from yours. Like two people painting the same scene side by side– one with realistic strokes, the other with impressionistic flair.

Late nights make me feel like I’m a cool writer. Ha.

The second part to this answer is…oh, yes. I think people think that single people don’t know how to have fun with non-single people. Another total joke. As of this writing, 5 out of 7 of my closest lady friends are married. Three of these women and their husbands have children. Cray.

Only one of these friends did I meet post-marriage and children. I have grown up with many of the others and I have had the privilege of sticking with them through thick and thin almost as much as they have had a similar honor with myself.  The other two friends have one child apiece, 1.5 and 2 years respectively, and I think of myself of as an honorary aunt. I love those little boogers.

So is it possible? Yes, it is, although it relies very heavily on the flexibility of the friend and their willingness to make time for YOU as they definitely have the busier end of things.

I have no beautiful way to end this post, so I’ll just say this- I really want to write more but it’s 2:15 and I would truly be a mad woman if I did so. Most of the time when bloggers bold something like this at the end of the post, they are making one last meaningful and gorgeous statement. This is not such.



SW30- Day 4

Day 4 of The Single Woman’s 30-Day Blog Challenge.

What is your biggest fear as a single person?

I’m guessing my answer to this question is pretty typical. I don’t have to think hard at all to come up with, “staying single for the rest of my life.” It’s hard for me to imagine that the Lord very well might have no husband in my future, much less romantic interests. He knows how much I desire to love and be loved, why doesn’t He bring it to pass? I used to think I would love to be in a relationship, even if it was God’s will that it would eventually -end-, simply to be IN ONE. Not because it’s the “thing to do” or because I would feel “just like everyone else,” but because I so wanted to feel what true earthly love felt like. I am no longer of this mind because miraculously, God HAS matured me in the last few years! But the desire remains.

Having written all of that out of the overflow of my heart’s selfishness, I am reminded of a secondary, less immediate but still legitimate answer to this question: I am afraid that I will not allow the Lord to bring me to a place of acceptance of my singleness and a drive to pursue Him and His will for my life apart from an earthly marriage covenant. This is one area of my sanctification that I imagine I will be struggling with for many years to come. It does not even -matter- at this point in time whether it is His will for me to stay single, as the very basis of my trust in God in respect to my singleness/married status is firmly rooted in my ability to fully and completely give the entire situation over to Him and not hold on to any part of it. Not even a scrap. It is not my life to do as I will, but His. I am His ambassador. I am not my own, for I was bought with a price.

I almost set off into a “God is my Bridegroom and I am His Bride” spiel but sometimes that gets just a bit too weird for me. I am still growing in my walk with the Lord and I cannot fully relate to that kind of romantic, spiritual terminology. Perhaps I never will, but I know this: God has created us for relationship–with Him and with each other. Just because His Church is His Bride and He will come back to bring us to Him does not discount male/female marital relationships on this earth. But it can stand alone as enough. God is enough. As I awake each morning, I will inevitably forget this and the Lord will gently remind me.  Joanna, if you never experience the sweetness of marriage, I AM still enough.  


A New Year! :)


Hello! Long time, no post. 🙂 I can’t believe we’re on the cusp of 2014 already. I know it’s cliche to say that it still seems like 2013 is just getting started, but seriously….it seems like 2013 is just getting started. Where did this year go? So many blessings from the Lord to think about and reflect upon though. 🙂

I haven’t taken toooo much time to think about resolutions for this coming year, but today I came up with a few– all S’s. Gotta love that alliterative thang.

Joanna’s “S” Resolutions for 2014- 
Stop Spending.
Slow Down.
Sitting Is For Sissies.

I want to simplify my life, primarily by organizing my papers and throwing away/giving away a bunch of stuff I don’t need. I want to look around my room and feel like I’m not overdoing it or keeping stuff that means nothing to me.

I intend to serve more this year. I will do this by hopefully and prayerfully going on a missions trip to France in the spring and otherwise finding more ways to get involved in my church body and the local community. Especially during the times I’m not working as much!

Studying refers to Bible time, primarily. When I do take the time to do it, my thoughts are scattered and I can’t seem to settle on one Bible study, so I end up just reading Scripture (which isn’t bad, but I need a bit more focus sometimes) and/or not really delving deeper into the material. I have all sorts of Bible Study mags and Institute for Creation Research devos sitting around, waiting to be discovered!! I need to work on that.

Stop Spending. This is exactly what it sounds like. I have a terrible relationship with money. The Lord has helped me to mend many of the ways in which I fail in this area, but there is still much work to do. I need to be constantly in prayer that He would help me to stand up under temptation. I need to be putting money towards more important things.

I need to slow down, i.e. read more and be quiet/prayerful/thoughtful more often. This will probably mean divesting myself of some of my time with my gadgets.

Sissies sit down all the time, real men and women get off their rears and work out. This is a fancy way of saying I need to exercise. 😉  I have gained weight over the last few months and need to drop at least 5 pounds to get closer to my healthiest weight. And of course, working out is good for the mind as well!


There you have it. I pray that you all have a safe, wonderful New Years’s Eve and I will see you in 2014! If you have some resolutions you’re setting this year, feel free to post in the comments about them and/or give us a link to your blog (if you’re writing them out this year).

God bless,


SW30- Day 3

Day 3 of The Single Woman’s 30-Day Blog Challenge.

Describe a moment or a day when being single was really awesome.

I’m not sure how to describe a single moment or day. Basically, any time I made plans or left the house without having to check with someone else, any time I invited someone over simply because I could and had nothing standing in the way (more when I was living on my own….but still 🙂 ), any time I threw something in the microwave to eat for dinner and didn’t have to worry about having something hot on the table for another person, any time I got pretty awesome sleep because I was in my bed all by my onesie, any time I considered flying halfway across the world to serve the Lord for a month and it wasn’t a problem for anyone but myself (post still forthcoming!), any time I was able to serve or stay longer at a function because I was my own ride home— those were the times that I was happy for my singleness. I know if I thought long and hard on this question, I might come up with some more meaningful answers, but right out of the box those are my best answers. As singles, we have the unique opportunity to GRASP opportunities in life, no matter how small/large, and run with them. Kinda like running with scissors, that might seem scary sometimes, but we are not alone in this. Our Father walks with us every step of the way, and that is something to be grateful for. Thank You, Jesus!