2014 Recap- 2015 Goals


Where did 2014 go? Seriously? It’s like I blinked and it was over.

Every new year is a chance to re-evaluate, to reflect and to move forward. There’s this little thing we call “resolutions” with which most people have a love/hate relationship. I don’t dislike making resolutions–I dislike my inability to keep them. Coming to terms with my past year and everything I didn’t accomplish can be disheartening. But I’m choosing this year not to look at it that way. This blog did begin as a goal blog, after all.  I will set some goals and I will do what I can to accomplish them, all the while accepting my humanity and inability to do these things outside of God’s will and strength. Happpppy New Year!

2014 Recap- (mother post)


I did this! Not to its fullest extent, but I have thrown away a lot of things, organized certain areas of my room, given some things away….it is a continual work in progress but I’m glad to have made some good strides.


This is something that I can safely say, by God’s grace, I have done quite a bit this year. I spent a month in France serving in various ways (even though I often felt like I wasn’t doing much good), I started working with my church group at our local homeless shelter (humbling!), I started working with the youth group in November (harder than I thought :-/ ), etc. Twenty-fourteen was my year to say YES! to all of the things to which I usually say NO… God really encouraged my heart in this area and I’m so glad I heeded His nudging. More than anything, it has stretched me and blessed me in many ways.

Study/Slow Down

I don’t know if I thrived spiritually in this area, although I did begin reading more in general. I have a lovely stack of books next to my bed for late-night reading and I took my Kindle along with me to many a nanny day for those long summer hours or while they play on the school playground. I joined the women’s bible study at church in the fall, which encouraged me to spend more time in the Word and study. But I often crash-coursed the day before as procrastination set in. I am not proud of my lack of self-control and I want to improve in 2015.

I don’t know if this counts but I have really been enjoying writing to my sponsored child more often. I think I’ve written her 3 letters in the last 6 months. In her last letter, she actually wrote to me for the first time ever, in English! , more than just her name. It was so wonderful! She is almost 6 now and I look forward to communicating with her more closely as time goes on.

Stop Spending

I have stopped buying fast food as much (I’m sure my body thanks me!) and buying random things online. I probably spent too much over the holidays on gifts and personal things though. Money remains an ongoing issue and something I need to be in constant prayer about. I’m glad to have made some progress.

Sitting Down Is For Sissies

Did I move more than I did in 2013? Yes. Was that much at all? No. In the last few days I found a walking routine that kicked my rear sufficiently and I can do at home. I also bought a helmet for my bike in the fall and rode it a couple times, so I look forward to riding my bike more when the weather clears up.

2015 Goals-

  • Read at least as much as I did last year (about 30 books).
  • Find a Bible study plan that works for me and stick to it.
  • Exercise starting at 3 times a week…we’ll see if I can go beyond that.
  • Try Plexus (since I have some samples from family) and see if that’s helpful in any way.
  • Be careful with my finances.
  • Write letters/cards more often.
  • Continue de-cluttering my life.
  • Find said co-ed peer group to spend time with.
  • Cultivate a closer prayer life with my Father.
  • Wrap up all France info (blogs, photos, etc.) to the best of my ability.
  • Be creative! Whatever it takes.
  • Journal consistently.

Perhaps I have more goals but honestly, I am burnt out from all the writing and editing I have done today. I’m going to call it a day…or a year!

May you have a blessed 2015 and may the Lord grow you and strengthen you for the days ahead.

In Him,