Sorry for the random post that probably popped up in your email inbox a week ago or so…I ended up deleting it because it was intended for a different blog entirely! Oops.

I know I haven’t been posting much but I just have too much going on. I also have very little to say. Weird how those two things coincide at the moment. No goal posting for the time being because any “goals” I have in life right now are short-term and rather mundane to write about. Car registration- check. Return Hobby Lobby glitter- check. Call that person about that thing- check. I could go on.

The biggest thing I could write a teeny bit about isssssss I’m going to France! Woohoo! In a couple months, I head off for a long stay in a little town in France to help a friend with some missions work. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t super stoked about the travel part, BUT I am praying the Lord helps me stay focused on my real reason for being there. I want to be completely open and flexible for however He (and my friend) can use me. It’s going to be an adventure one way or the other!

A fair amount of my time has been spent planning and prepping for that trip. I’ve also been catching up with old friends, grabbing some extra house cleaning and baby sitting hours, etc. I babysat some kiddos last night and lemme tell you…I’m tired. I’m nowhere ready to be a new mom. Took care of a 5-month-old baby (and two boys, but primarily only the baby and the 4-year-old) and my arms were tie- ERD by the end of the night. She wasn’t particularly fussy, but I got her to go to sleep on one bottle only to have her wake up a few minutes later and squirm and fuss minimally the rest of the evening until the last 15 minutes. Those were glorious 15 minutes! I also watched 3 movies- Toy Story, Lego Batman and Monster House. I was most interested in watching Batman as I haven’t seen it and it looked quirky, but I missed most of that one going to and fro through the house. Anyway. Definitely more of an adventure than my typical after-school nanny days with my older kids!

I’ve also been reading some more books but I will have to write about those later (I am not a particularly fascinating writer when it comes to my reading, as I just throw it all out there. Eh). Hope you all are well and enjoying your February. Woot!

Have a splendid Sunday,



One thought on “Hola.

  1. Are you working on learning some key phrases in French? Trust me, your month will be a whole lot easier if you can at least have a basic vocab of 20-30 phrases for the stuff you’ll use on a daily basis. =)

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