A New Year! :)


Hello! Long time, no post. 🙂 I can’t believe we’re on the cusp of 2014 already. I know it’s cliche to say that it still seems like 2013 is just getting started, but seriously….it seems like 2013 is just getting started. Where did this year go? So many blessings from the Lord to think about and reflect upon though. 🙂

I haven’t taken toooo much time to think about resolutions for this coming year, but today I came up with a few– all S’s. Gotta love that alliterative thang.

Joanna’s “S” Resolutions for 2014- 
Stop Spending.
Slow Down.
Sitting Is For Sissies.

I want to simplify my life, primarily by organizing my papers and throwing away/giving away a bunch of stuff I don’t need. I want to look around my room and feel like I’m not overdoing it or keeping stuff that means nothing to me.

I intend to serve more this year. I will do this by hopefully and prayerfully going on a missions trip to France in the spring and otherwise finding more ways to get involved in my church body and the local community. Especially during the times I’m not working as much!

Studying refers to Bible time, primarily. When I do take the time to do it, my thoughts are scattered and I can’t seem to settle on one Bible study, so I end up just reading Scripture (which isn’t bad, but I need a bit more focus sometimes) and/or not really delving deeper into the material. I have all sorts of Bible Study mags and Institute for Creation Research devos sitting around, waiting to be discovered!! I need to work on that.

Stop Spending. This is exactly what it sounds like. I have a terrible relationship with money. The Lord has helped me to mend many of the ways in which I fail in this area, but there is still much work to do. I need to be constantly in prayer that He would help me to stand up under temptation. I need to be putting money towards more important things.

I need to slow down, i.e. read more and be quiet/prayerful/thoughtful more often. This will probably mean divesting myself of some of my time with my gadgets.

Sissies sit down all the time, real men and women get off their rears and work out. This is a fancy way of saying I need to exercise. 😉  I have gained weight over the last few months and need to drop at least 5 pounds to get closer to my healthiest weight. And of course, working out is good for the mind as well!


There you have it. I pray that you all have a safe, wonderful New Years’s Eve and I will see you in 2014! If you have some resolutions you’re setting this year, feel free to post in the comments about them and/or give us a link to your blog (if you’re writing them out this year).

God bless,