Well, well, well.


Sooo, I have been MIA for over a month. No excuses, except the best one of all- LIFE. That’s right, I’m going with the old cliche LIFE. No but seriously, I’m pretty sure the only person sincerely disappointed in my lack of resolutions for June is moi. So that’s okay! I can always do better and it’s never too late to start.


I’ve been house/petsitting for almost the entire month of June. The first two weeks were for a church friend taking care of her kitty Lizzie. She is such a sweet kitty who loves to be petted, sit on your lap and sleep with you at night.

Then I was out of town visiting family June 14th through 17th, home the 18th, and back to housesitting this past Wednesday for my nannying family and their dog Summer, whom I’m very familiar with at this point.


They were supposed to be gone until the 30th but sounds like they’ll be back a few days early…so I’ll have a few days off at the end of the month and then will start full nanny days the first week of July- 8am to 5:30! WOOOOO. Can’t wait for that, boy! I’m sure my physical issues are like, yeahhhhhh, let’s have a party! -_- God give me the strength to make it through the summer and beyond.

Now that you’re caught up on my fairly tedious June, let me update on what happened in May before setting a few goals for June/July.

(I think I said some time ago that “resolutions” were now going to be “goals”? Yeah, that transition didn’t go full circle. Even when I edit photos for each goal post, it comes out “resolutions.” That word is just prettier to look at….whatever!)

My May resolutions were as follows:

  • Catch up on Bible reading: This was a no go. I don’t know why I thought I could catch up soooo much but it was never a possibility. Reading with my dad is enjoyable but definitely puts a cramp on my personal reading…in general, I just need to have more time in the Word anyway! It’s something I really struggle with. I am praying and striving towards that end.
  • Finish math course well and get degree: Totally aced the final! Now I just have to apply for the degree, which I have been putting off because I wanted to find my Phi Theta Kappa member number so I could have it marked on my degree. I need to do that ASAP, I just can’t find the paperwork! Having PTK on my degree is not a must but it would be nice, considering it was something I achieved in junior college…even though I only attended two meetings. :/ It also could be helpful to get scholarships if I EVER go to a 4-year college.
  • Have a fixed early wakeup time: This…almost worked. I got sick during that time period though, so I ended up sleeping in trying to get some much-needed rest. I successfully made my first 8am appearance at my nanny job, but that was a single day (and I got off 2 hours early, AND I spent most of the day with the girls at a waterpark, so…). I won’t work those hours again until July 1st. So essentially, I’m back at square one! Sick again, so we’ll see how this goes…
  • Exercise: I probably did this a grand total of 3 times. -_- This will be my ongoing battle.
  • Take care of my pierced ears: I did fairly well at this for awhile, but I started slacking off to about 1 time per day (as opposed to the recommended 3) and I think I paid for it. The earrings were not in a great position to allow me to clean the backs of my ears very well, but I was also not doing it as often as suggested, sooo….the end of my six weeks healing was this past Saturday. I took them out and one hurt pretty badly. The ear lobe was very thick, probably from scarring or infection, and I messed with it some and something came out of it…. 😮 Never found out what it was, but it bled and I cleaned it. Now I’m trying to clean it often. We’ll see how it goes!
  • Research future jobs: This I definitely did. I was getting a little discouraged however, seeing as how most people want you full-time or part-time with inflexible hours. I’m really wanting to keep this nannying job if I’m able which would mean looking for morning hours, but I haven’t been successful in finding more nannying to fit that schedule. I’m thinking about applying at Pier 1 Imports as a close friend just started working there a few months ago and loves it. Yes, it’s minimum wage–no, my parents don’t get it. Why would I go work a minimum wage job when I could be making $10-12/hr. doing an office job or more childcare? Uhhhh, because the hours are flexible, I could get cashiering and customer service experience, I might really enjoy the work atmosphere and it would be something different? Just to name a few. I’m finding I can’t discuss work/future school ideas with my family because they just don’t support me….which is unfortunate, considering I live with them…
  • Start on Bible Study mags: I did this! Started on one during my first housesitting period and need to continue–learning about trusting God instead of man/things. I didn’t bring them with me on Wednesday, so maybe I can start them next week or whenever I get a chance to grab them.


  1. Make a resume. Send that resume in to Pier 1 Imports and other part time jobs.
  2. Read my books on Uganda to gain a better understanding of my sponsored child’s world.
  3. Exercise more. ONCE is more than NEVER.
  4. Possibly go to community hospital to see about being treated for GI issues.
  5. Find PTK paperwork and apply for degree.
  6. Get involved with Christian coed groups.

Alright, that’s it! I’m done writing. I’m going to rest and maybe write on my resume a little before having a DANNY KAYE MOVIE MARATHON (marathon a.k.a. 2 movies) with my friends! Oh, it’s happening, people.

Happy late June,

♥ Jobe