Hello little bloggy blog.

I have been MIA for awhile. No resolutions for this month–however, I will likely start budgeting due to lower income. I’ve had a checklist up in my room for awhile with important things like taxes, sending textbooks back to rental companies, getting my car inspected (trying to work that out, only 10 days left! ahhhhh!), finishing math homework, working out summer work schedules, writing my little sponsored girl, etc. I have accomplished much of this list and I’m quite pleased. 🙂

I’m just struggling right now, I guess, with trying to trust the Lord with my future. I’m not making enough money at the moment and while I have a hope of some decent summer work, come fall, I will definitely need more hours. I want to stay with the family I nanny for currently, but to do so, I will have to get morning hours and I’m trying to see if I can do more childcare orrrr something else. I would appreciate prayer in this area! I just sent my taxes in on Monday which essentially cleaned me out, but I still have a little stocked away in my savings account. I’m probably going to pull even more from that, however, to fix something on my car for it to pass inspection. Lately I’ve been stretched financially, to say the least.

I’m also having a tough time reconciling the creative side of me with the income-producing side of me. In fact, Jake Sidwell says it pretty well in this video. It’s like we’re the same person….ya know, other than gender differences and a couple years of age. But still. I don’t know how to consistently feed my creative nature while maintaining a regular schedule. I mean, I’m able to do more creative things NOW while I’m not working in the mornings, BUT I NEED TO BE WORKING IN THE MORNINGS. So I need to be actively hunting down jobs rather than coloring or writing a blog or reading to my heart’s content or pretending to be good at meaningless youtube video content or whatever. I was also looking forward to going to bible college in the fall, but that looks like a far-off dream now. I feel pressure to save money because of cleaning out my savings acct and the medical expenses to come due to Obamacare/other living expenses at the end of the year that I need to prepare for. God, I need Your strength!

Are you feeling this way? Do you have direction in your life right now? I would love to read your comments on this.

Have a great week and seek Him daily.

Love, Jobe

P.S. Check out the documentary Somewhere In Between on Netflix. It’s wonderful!