March = Break Month.

Helloooo. 🙂 Well, here we are a week into March. I can’t believe it. In all honesty, I didn’t do much (*coughANYcough*) prep for March resolutions. My mind has kinda been in a fog of late and I’ve just been drifting from day to day, completing the tasks that are outlined for each day and fitting in others. In a sense, I’ve been disconnected– from God, from life beyond the day’s plans, etc. I’m not to the point of being completely apathetic, but I know where I need to improve and God certainly knows too!

Vague Joanna is vague.

Basically, I’m taking a month break off of resolutions. I have things I want to accomplish this month, but I may or may not write about how those progress this month. We shall see. In the meantime, let me give you a brief recap on how February progressed.

My resolutions for February were:

  • Keep up with typing and school.
  • Research/start Whole 30.
  • Look into volunteering with crisis pregnancy center/animal shelter.
  • Begin a budget.
  • Get back on track with Bible reading.

Here’s how all that went down. Firstly, I’ve stayed on top of my school. I generally get my school work in the day before or morning of its due date (today is the exception, I’ll probably be finishing it this afternoon, it’s always due at midnight). So that has been encouraging. The workload is decent and obviously, since I only have one class, I’m able to devote more time to it. I look forward to making a good grade in this class, Lord willing.

I’ve generally stayed on top of my typing–a bit hit and miss but better than usual. However, for the last week I’ve been getting very little work (2 to 5 patients per tape) and I asked my employer was going on. I heard back from her this morning about the fact that the government is enforcing electronic medical records, which = no job for Joanna. I represent paper reports, and that is now going away in our country. This is about half of my income gone and honestly, if I wasn’t living with my parents right now, I would be in a bit of trouble. I am grateful and blessed to be able to work things out from here. Money will be tight, but I anticipate finding another job according to His will. Please pray that I would be diligent in doing my part to search for one. I am tempted to be angry…I know that if Obama’s healthcare bill is enforced, I’ll probably be paying $2000/year or so with my lack of money due to losing my job because of what he has enforced, all to pay for something I won’t get (insurance–paying to be exempt from having it, which will likely be cheaper than paying to have it). I can’t do that. At this point, with taxes and all, I can’t pay $2000/year. So we’ll see what God has in store, won’t we? 🙂 I’m trying to trust Him right now.

I have looked into Whole 30 a bit and was planning on possibly starting it in the summer, but now I don’t know if that will come to pass. Considering I may have to work more in the summer to cover my expenses, this will probably not happen. There is a possibility I can get more hours with my nanny job (which would’ve been totally out for the summer since I wasn’t wanting to work full days with my typing as well). Now that my typing is out of the picture, I would like to see if I could maybe work 2 or 3 full days a week instead of 5. Not sure, as I think my employer possibly has a summer nanny already lined up. I keep reverting back to this job thing, sorry. Moving on! Whole 30–we’lllll see.

I have definitely decided to volunteer with my local crisis pregnancy center. I’ve already found the forms to fill out and now I just need to get that started. I’ve also been able to view various volunteer positions, and I think there are some things that would work out for me. So, Lord willing, that will progress this month.

I have not started a budget, but I’m guessing that’s inevitable any day now! 🙂

I’ve been simultaneously catching up/falling behind all month with my Bible reading. I may be chronically a month behind this year. But in the end, I’ll be glad to finish in the first place. There are some days that I read with my dad and we’re currently finishing up September (as I said, still crackin’ on last year’s reading). So on those days, I often don’t make any headway on the beginning-of-the-year reading. But I’m confident the Lord will work on me in some measure regardless. I just need to be seeking Him daily, which can be a struggle, as I’m sure any child of God can understand! 

This month promises to be a whirlwind but God is faithful. 

Thank you for prayers and encouragement through comments. I appreciate every one.