January 2013- A New Beginning

Hello friends!

It’s 2013- a new year! I can’t believe it! 2012 passed so quickly and I’m ready to begin new adventures. 🙂

With 2013 comes a slew of new things on my plate- many of them blog-related.

  • Monthly report cards will now be titled “Recaps.” I will no longer be grading myself but instead will be simply recapping how well I did each month.
  • I will be attempting to update my new blog Jobe Reads rather frequently. I went off the charts and made 2 or 3 new blogs yesterday with high hopes for all of them (ha), but I’m hoping my reading blog will be the most updated following my goal blog.
  • I will be starting school on January 22nd (Lord willing, after I get a few things worked out) to finish out my associates, so things will get quiiite a bit busier after that.
  • I am making yearly resolutions initially that will be worked on each month and then adding minor goals each month. The first few months of the year are possibly going to be very simple until I’m able to work myself into a schedule.


January 2013/Yearly Resolutions

Read through my entire Bible.

Budget my money.

Read more in general.

Keep a food diary.

De-clutter and organize.

Look into volunteer work.


No minor goals for this month at this point. I may edit this in the future if I come up with something. I will definitely be de-cluttering and organizing this month in preparation. Have a great week!

❤ Jobe

December 2012 Recap

So, how did I do on my December resolutions? Considering I set so few, I did okay. I had a lot going on in December, especially in the latter half of the month. I chose (as well as my family, whom I live with) to take in a girl friend of mine who needed a place to stay and a fair amount of medical care from about December 22nd to January 1st. I didn’t know until the day of the 22nd that I was going to do so…but God did. It was a character-building experience and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Thank You, Jesus, for helping us all during that time!

I did come out of those 10-12 days very jaded and very tired, however. It’s been hard getting back on track. I either succumb to my tiredness or I waste copious amounts of time relaxing, knowing that I return to nanny work tomorrow. I am grateful, however, that school doesn’t start until the 22nd.

On to the recap:

Keep up with typing. 

I did pretty well here. Got behind during the holidays due to busyness, but I’m caught up now.

Prep for craft party.

Done. YAY!

Bill for two months of typing. 

I billed for one and a half. I’m close!

Start food diary again.

No. This is becoming a resolution for this YEAR.

How did your December go? Were you able to accomplish what you had desired to accomplish? What are your goals for 2013?

❤ Jobe

December Recaps/January Resolutions TBA.


I tried to type up a bit of this blog post earlier today, but it just didn’t happen. I’m coming off of a very long and difficult 10-12 days and I’ve been taking as much spare time as possible to relax and try to recuperate. I am absolutely burnt out on life at the moment and just want to sleep for a few days. But I only have a bit more of a break before starting my nanny job again, which will mean my days are filled to the brim once more. I want to soak in this silence before it begins again!

There isn’t really much to recap about December related directly to my resolutions and I’m only going to make a few resolutions for January, but nonetheless, the post will have to wait a bit. 🙂 Hope your Christmas was blessed and you enjoyed ringing in 2013. I was home trying to sleep while all those gunshots and firecrackers went off around my house. Too bad those people didn’t have the same idea! 😉 And with that, I depart to bed. Happy 2013! (can’t believe it’s been another year!!)

♥ Jobe