Let’s make a snow family. ;)

I just want to keep making little snow people. I made a little blonde one today! 😛 Her hair is crimped because the yarn used for her hair was from a project that I unraveled to make the scarf for Matilda (see previous pic). This little lady is named Lucy Lou.



Also, you know I’m excited about this kind of project when I buy this much “Cluster Stuff” at Walmart today! 😉


I’ve decided Matilda can be my mom, Lucy can be me and I’m going to make my sister and dad as well. I’m currently attempting to construct tiny wire glasses for the rest of my snowfamily- I’m a contacts wearer, or I would have them too! ^_^

I’m really enjoying myself. I’m considering making more of these and selling them on Etsy, but they would definitely be a labor of love since I don’t think I would price them ridiculously high. So I’d be making about $5/hr. or less making them, not including packaging and shipping time. Eh, we’ll see. If I do that, I’d pre-make a bunch of them and then sell them as is. It’s not something I would take requests for, because that would be too intense for me.

Enough chatter, hehe. Thanks for checking in! I hope to post something here in the next couple weeks that I’ve been thinking about lately. Have a good Monday!

EDIT: I’m almost finished with the rest of my family. Here’s a crappy-quality update photo until I’m able to get a clearer pic (which will prob. be when I actually finish the scarves for my dad and sister). YAYYY


♥ Love, Jobe ♥


Mid-month update + pictures!

Hello, middle of December! My, you came quickly. I should be in bed right about now- church in the mornin’- but I couldn’t get my mind off of posting something quick, so I think I’ll do that nooow. 🙂

Firstly, it’s been insanely easy-ish to keep up with my resolutions this month since I set so few…and they were all very needed and achievable.

Keep up with typing.

This was hit-and-miss for awhile but now school is OVER and I can focus on it a bit more. This weekend has been rather whirlwind and I will admit I have tomorrow…er, today (Sun.) and part of Monday to get my latest tape typed up, but I don’t think I have that much, so I’m not too concerned.

Bill for at least two months.

I’ve billed for one, two left to go to be fully caught up. I can definitely get one of those done this coming week, no sweat! I’m reassured and happy to get that ball rolling.

Prepare for the craft party.

Check! Craft party was this past Friday and it was a blast. Only about 4 of my girlfriends were able to make it, but it made for a cozy group and a ton of laughs and silliness! We let our guard down and just had a blast. A couple of the ladies were unfamiliar with other people in the group, but we really ended up meshing well, which I was thankful for. See photos below to see what we came up with!

MINOR GOAL: Food diary. 

One word: Fail. Mmmm…. :/ This will be a work in progress for a very long time, I’m afraid.

Have a brilliant week, guys! Love.


My friend Sarah (L) and Saralynn with their little guys. Sarah made a gentleman snowman and Saralynn blinged her snowlady out, including an ring, so we took the liberty of uniting the two in marriage! 😉 Their names are Fredrick Snowia and Fon Celede (pronounced “Fawn Saylahday”, as in Fancy Lady with an accent)


The whole group! Me with Nova Snowtia, Sarah with Fred Snowia, Bethany with Bernice Noelle, Jessica with a representation of her husband Kevin (who is an electrician with a toolbelt and all), Saralynn with Fon Celede.


Closeup of Fred.


Closeup of Kevin. 🙂


Close-up of Bernice.


I made this cute little lady, Matilda Pumpernickle, this evening!



♥ Love, Jobe ♥


Photo on 2012-12-08 at 10.20 #2

My morning, squinty-eyed look.

Questionnaire taken from She Learns As She Goes

I am currently…


Tiny scarves for these craft snowmen. I have 3 left to do by next Thursday. Better get on it!


About all the schoolwork and typing work I have to do by next Monday. Today is the clincher. I need to get a lot done today…but I’ll also allow time to relax. Aaahhhh, a bath sounds nice. Haha, only 10am and I’m already thinking about a bath at the end of the day!


My remembrances of the B. Reith concert I went to earlier this week, the idea that nannying this semester is only 2 more weeks, and *reading*! I love reading and I’m so glad I’m doing more of it. It’s such a better use of my time than being on the internet half of my life.


Maybe an egg this morning for breakfast? Or some pumpkin bread for friends and family? If the latter, I need to get on that! Christmas fast approacheth.


Hmm, I’m not gonna lie here. Two things- I had scary dreams this morning. Like, morbid dreams. I don’t typically have that and Satan knew what he was doing–getting me all worked up before today. But I am going to have a GOOD day regardless. Hear that, Satan? On the other hand, I am most definitely dreaming about my future husband and praying the Lord has someone for me. I do believe I will be one of those ladies that will have a hard time being single and I know my Heavenly Father knows that, so I’m just trying to be patient and make good use of my life as a single woman. 🙂

Time to get this day started! What are you making, thinking, loving, cooking, dreaming these days?

December Resolutions 2012


Above is a stock image by anna2202.deviantart.com, my edit. I actually credited the original photog when I edited this on photobucket, but whenever I download the photo, it deletes the wording in the corner….I have no idea why. Anyway, appropriate credit given!

December resolutions! Only a week into December, haha. Wooooo.

I’m not going to plan to do much this month. I want to keep it simple because I know at least for the next couple weeks, I’m going to be quite overwhelmed. So here we go.

Keep up with typing.

I just need to keep up with this in the next couple weeks especially as I’m finishing the last bits of the school semester.

Prepare the house for the craft party.

This is solely my responsiblity, so I need to clean the designated areas. Word.

Bill for at least two months of typing.

I need money. ‘Nuff said.

MINOR GOAL: Start food diary again.

Yup. Really need to get on that, no joke.

This has been the most booooring update evarrr! Hope you enjoyed it and have a wonderful December! Maybe I’ll check in later in the month and maybe actually blog about something significant…we’ll see…

Love, Jobe

My post is linked to Kelli Taylor’s at She Learns As She Goes

November Report Card 2012


(above pic is an old shot of my late kitty Big Momma. In the original pic, she is pure white. She was a pretty cat 🙂 )

November Report Carrrrrrd!

I’m going to pull an Elyssa here and NOT GRADE MYSELF! Woo.

I too had an interesting month in which very little on my monthly resolutions list was completed. Over a week ago, I gave my mid-month report and things looked…umm, hopeful for the last bit of the month, but alas, much of it did not come to fruition.

The things I struggled most with this month:

  • WRITING IN MY FOOD DIARY. I did so well on this last month, relatively speaking, that the fact that this month was such a failure just proved to me that 1) I don’t like doing this and therefore 2) I should try all the harder to make sure I do this every day! Or rather, I pray the Lord will give me HIS strength to do it. Because as it stands, my own strength is kaput here.
  • WRITING LETTERS. Sounds like writing in general was my downfall this month. I still have not written my little sponsored girl! I have proceeded to pretty much clean up my room and haven’t located that writing material though, so now I need to look online and see what’s available there. The company provided at least two pieces of “stationary” for me to use and I have no idea where it got to. At least my friend who is waiting for a letter is understanding of my lapse.

Things in which I succeeded in making some progress:

  • BILLING. I billed for one month and now that November is over, I’m right back where I started with having 3 months to bill for! However, I will -have- to bill for these very soon because I’ll need the money for rent and everything else. So I have no choice but to move forward here.
  • MEMORIZING PSALM 103. This is almost complete. I have the last two or three verses to cement: “Yes, praise the Lord, you armies of angels who serve Him and do His will! Praise the Lord, everything He has created, everything in all His kingdom. Let all that I am praise the Lord!” If I can get that down in the next few days, that would be great! 🙂
  • PLANNING CRAFT PARTY. At this point, the party is “planned” and I have all of the supplies except the tube socks needed for the snowmen’s bodies (Walmart did NOT have tube socks last time I looked). All that remains is to continue crocheting these tiny scarves. I have about 2 and 1/2 left.

Things I successfully completed:


I had to finish that because it was due by mid-November! It’s nice to have a resolution on your list that you have no choice but to complete, haha. None of my minor resolutions were completed this month either, btw.

With that, I conclude this recap post. I’m fairly satisfied. I think I am most concerned that I didn’t keep up with the food diary or write Fina. But God’s grace is sufficient for me! He knows just as well as I do where I screwed up this month and He is faithful to help me grow in those areas. December resolution post in a few days. Hope your Thanksgiving was well!

P.S. Praise God for His healing hand in Kelli’s life! My post is linked up to hers at She Learns As She Goes. You can read more on the success of her surgery and what she’s been learning about God’s faithfulness here.