“Mid” month update!

This cannot be considered a mid-month update exactly, considering it’s nearly the end of the month, but ohhhh well. Take it or leave it! haha. As for me, I’m a’gonna type it anyway. 😉

I have billed for 1 out of 3 typing months thus far. I fully intend to bill for at least 1 more by the end of the month. The fact that I’ve billed at all is extremely…comforting, I guess. And a load off my back and money in my pocket too! Thank You for Your provision, Lord.

I have not written either Jaclyn or Fina. I need to find the easy stationary provided to write Fina. As soon as I do that, a letter will be sent! I imagine I will get Fina in this month at least. Jaclyn might take a bit longer.

My OCC box is assembled, wrapped and sent! Hooray!

My craft day is continually in preparation. I continue to crochet tiny scarves for these little snowmen we’re making, so I’m making progress there. Now I just need to buy the basic supplies.

I am a couple verses further into Psalm 103. I should get it mostly done this month, Lord willing.

I have been absolutely TERRIBLE at my food diary this month. I had a good streak going there for awhile, but I majorly slacked off. I need to update the last couple days to be back, once again, on track.

None of my minor goals have come along, although I did almost start taking vitamin A again. Buuuut nope.

I am encouraged nonetheless by some of the things I’ve accomplished, by His grace, thus far. This week has been both good and bad thus far as I am off my regular afternoon nanny job (family is out of town) but I have more typing, which has been stressful on my hands. I’m looking forward to this extended holiday weekend though- not only so I can relax a bit but so I can catch up on typing. School is going to come crashing down on my head in a week or two as well, so I need to get on that ASAP! Thankfully, this craft party is perfectly placed on the day AFTER school ends, which will be excellent! I’m so glad the Lord worked it out that way!

I hope all of you are having a fantabulous November thus far and that you are meeting a least a couple of your goals. If not, I pray you are able to make some progress by the end of the month. Don’t give up hope! You gotta be in this for the long haul, because that’s the only way things get done. 😉 In all seriousness though, having these monthly goals has really helped me. I don’t always accomplish everything I’d like to, but I’m convinced I’d be worse off without these written resolutions. I bet I wouldn’t have really accomplished ANY of these things without some accountability- even if it’s to myself!

The written word is very important to me. As Isaac Asimov once said, “Writing, to me, is thinking with my fingers.” This is very much true for me in many respects. Now if I would only write more….is it bad I’m reading a lot these days? Because -other’s- written words are super fascinating to me as well. I like reading an author’s thoughts. 🙂

With that, I bid you adieu! See you in a week or so for a monthly recap! woooohoooo


November Resolutions

This month, my resolutions are a bit haphazard. I sat down at the end of October and wrote out some things I want to accomplish soon and without doing any extra thinking -now-, I’m just gonna call that my resolution list for the month. I did manage to major/minor prioritize them though, as per Kelli’s excellent idea. I also think that Kelli’s “survive November” singular resolution makes sense. I’m slightly on edge and leaning toward that, but I still want to try to whip out some of these things.

Major Goals

Bill for Aug/Sep/Oct typing.  This is pretty ridiculous. I have 3 months worth of salary just waiting on me to do something about it. I always get this way! I couldn’t say it’s “supplementary” income, but now that I have a nanny job and get paid weekly, I manage to have enough that way to scrounge by…until rent is due. I also need to start socking away enough for taxes next year to make sure I’m clear on that. I’ll need to put more aside because of the nanny job. Ugh. It’s billing this month, making a legit (LAWFUL) budget next month.

Write my friend Jaclyn and my little sponsored girl Fina. I need to put priority on Fina first. It’s such an erratic thing to write a child in another country. Everything takes so long to go back and forth. Anyway, I have some princess stickers to send to her, so that’s fun. ^_^

Assemble Operation Christmas Child box. I don’t do this every year, but when I do, it’s always a win-win situation. Such a blessing to bless others, guys! Check it out: http://www.samaritanspurse.org/index.php/OCC/  I have most of the stuff I need to put in there, it’s just a manner of double-checking everything and getting it to the church that’s collecting.

Plan craft day with my friends. This is already in the works! I’m not usually a hostess, but I would like to develop these skills. I enjoy hosting, but I’ve also grown up in a home where my mom allows her fear of not having a pretty clean home and never being ready for people keep her from having people over. I don’t want to be that way. I happen to be living at home again after some time on my own, but the hostessing is my responsibility and I’m sure the house prep will be mine as well. 🙂

Finish memorizing Psalm 103. This is a must this month. I am so close, I couldn’t bear to push it until December!

Continue food diary. I will start this by doing it TODAY. One day at a time.

Minor Goals

Organize closet. As I said in my last post….meh. We shall see.

Start getting tax info together. Although this would be an excellent idea, I’m not gonna beat myself up if it doesn’t get done this month.

Work out once a week. My desire just isn’t there…this needs to change. Who’s with me?

Hang up my bedroom curtains. I have the curtains, I have the rod, now I just need the little nuts and bolts and my dad’s help. This will be the finishing touch on my room for the moment.

Make a dentist appointment. Firstly, I don’t like dentists. But I survive. Secondly, my teeth are kind of a mess and I haven’t been to a dentist in years. I’m not anticipating what he’ll have to say. Thirdly, there is a very kind man from my church who is a dentist and I’m thinking about making an appointment with him.

Take vitamin A regularly. Taking vitamins has never been my forte, and certainly not as an independent adult. I still have next to no clue what vitamins I should be taking on a regular basis, but this is just something that my friend recommends as it’s supposed to aid those who are highly sensitive to direct light (she and I both), and I’m hoping she’s right.

Start blogging more. The weird thing is, this isn’t even my “official” blog. I have another that has a plethora of old posts that need to be cleaned up and privatized. Maybe I’ll see if I can take my “goal” blog (this one) and update it occasionally with different material. Because I guess if you think about it, pretty much all of life involves goals that are only achievable by the grace of God. So that works, right?

Should be a fun month. Let’s do it!

❤ Jobe

October Report Card- 2012

So images make everything better, right? I like photo editing, so I figured I should put that to good use and copy good ole’ Kelli in this 🙂  (www.shelearnsasshegoes.com)  I took this photo a few years in my backyard. Our Japanese maples are lovely this time of year.

Man, it’s just been a struggle to get this up! Every time the new month rolls around, I have this nagging in the back of my head- do your report card and monthly resolutions posts! But I’ve been procrastinating with that. Ergh. Without further ado, here we go.

Continue memorizing Psalm 103.  B

I’m solid up through verse 16 and I’ve been lingering on 17 for about a week. But I’m glad to have progressed some this month and I’ll continue to work on it! It’s a great passage to reflect on frequently, especially when my mind is racing and I start to worry about stuff. It centers me and reminds me that our Heavenly Father is in control and He has my best interests at heart, even if it means I have to go through some crap to get there. SIDETRACKED. Anyway, it’s going well.

Work out once a week. D

Well. Well well well. This didn’t happen. I did get some exercising in this month by “accident” doing things like walking at the state fair and doing things with my little gals whom I take care of. I honestly don’t know how this is going to pan out in Nov/Dec.

Keep a food diary. B-

I did fairly well with this this month. I didn’t get a full-on start on it until the 2nd week and I’ve slacked the last few days, but I was doing really well keeping up with it for awhile. As cliche as it might sound, it really is a matter of me not relying on my own strength to do it every day, but allowing the Lord to prepare me for the day through prayer/time in His Word and enabling me to live by the Spirit, not the flesh. It’s really tough and I fall constantly. I’m also not in His word every day. But I am determined to draw on His strength in November to be better at this.

Organize closet. C-

This didn’t happen, but as time goes on, I’m beginning to realize how insignificant it is in the grand scheme of things. It’s not so much a matter of it being disorganized as it is my desire to get rid of some stuff. I didn’t give myself a full failing grade on this because I did organize my clothes section and prep for winter in that way.

Stay on top of typing and school. B

This has gone fairly well. I still falter now and then, but by His grace, have kept up with it. I have another big homework turn-in date coming up on the 11th, which means I have a few pieces of homework between now and then. The problem will come in this last “unit” (3.5 weeks) before the next and last turn-in date. Since this is an online class, we have 4 units and 4 turn-in dates. This last unit is LONG so I really need to get a little bit ahead NOW so I’m not scrambling so much at the end. It’s about a chapter a week as it goes, and there are some reallllly long chapters coming up. So time to get on the ball!

Take one creative photo this month. B

B because I didn’t actually “try” to do this but ended up taking a few photos. I don’t know if they qualify as creative so much as they qualify as just okay. Here’s a couple:

My dad’s 65th birthday cake with special colored-flame candles.

Impromptu photo shoot of my friend Saralynn.

One of my many random shoots of clouds, as they fascinate me.

Overall October 2012 grade:  C+

I’m satisfied. I think I’ve said that every month so far, but it’s true! I’m just starting this kind of thing and discipline isn’t something that happens overnight. It has a lot to do with your attitude and even more to do with your willingness to grow, learn and lean on God.

P.S. I still have a very wacko way of grading. Pretty sure I even had a better system last month, but I didn’t write it down so I had to remake it this time around and well…it’s fail. Let me know what works for YOU for averaging your monthly score!

I hope to check out other blogs soon. I’ve been failing hardcore at this “encourage others” thing; I only got to a couple of you last month. Anyway, November resolutions coming soon!