Mid-month progress fail.

I planned on writing up a mid-month progress report, but, well….I haven’t been doing so hot. I was ashamed to write it up because I was a couple important decisions away from doing well in most areas. But I failed! Thank God for His grace and the ability to get back up on my feet and do better tomorrow. I desperately need His grace in all areas of my life!

The main thing I’m not doing well with right now is the food diary and working out. I just ate an entire chocolate bar this evening, which was a huge step in the wrong direction. :o/ BUT I have a cute notebook to write in and my sis, of her own volition, just gave me a mini notebook this evening to carry in my purse and claimed she wanted to help me out by keeping her OWN food diary. So now I have a level of accountability, I guess, and I can’t get away scot-free with doing nothing. 😛

  • Continuing to memorize Psalm 103.  This is at a standstill at the moment. But I haven’t regressed and I’m trying to get at least one verse more done by next weekend. The next step in this process is to type/write it up multiple times and have it in multiple places where I can work on it at random times and its staring me in the face.
  • Staying on top of typing and school. I’m on top of typing! Yay! And pretty much on top of school. I had my monthly homework-turn-in last Sunday and now I just need to read 2 chapters instead of 1 this coming week.
  • Organizing my closet. My dear friend Saralynn wants to help me with this as a sort of everything’s-better-when-you-have-a-friend-to-encourage-you-along-the-way kind of thing. 🙂 As soon as we can set a date for her to come over her in the next couple weeks, hopefully we’ll kick this thing in the rear! However, I did make some small progress here. I arranged all my clothing by type- short sleeve/long sleeve/dresses and pants/dressy shirts, so the clothing portion of my closet is in good order. I also packed away some summer stuff and I might pack away more as time goes on. I want to keep a lot of my shirts out though, because I intend to use many of them during fall with cardigans.
  • Take one creative photo. Nothing yet, but I have some time. 🙂
  • Work out once a week. I have mostly failed here. I did get some good walking in this week at my nanny job as I’ve been out and about with the girls the last 4 days selling chocolates door-to-door. I also gave a 5-year-old a piggyback ride the whole time we were outside one day. That counts, right? (no seriously, that counts…..right?). And I went to the State Fair last Sunday. That was a LOT of walking. Ok, enough justification.

This update post is done. It’s late and I have to be up early in the morning. Happy Saturday! God bless-

❤ Jobe



This morning, I’m attempting to get this food diary going. It’s tough for me because, well, I don’t want to do it. Haha. I’m praying that the Lord will change my heart about it because as it stands, writing down every little thing I eat is a chore. My sis insists I need a fun/pretty notebook to write in so I’ll be “excited” to write everything down. 😉 Maybe she’s right. I want to buy a new one though- I have two pretty floral/girly notebooks at the moment that I don’t really want to waste on food info.

Once I get into the groove of this though, I’ll possibly be one step closer to understanding what’s going on with my body and the physical issues I face. I’ve been feeling a bit better of late, but I’ve also been off that multi-enzyme from last month, so….yeah. Not sure if I should start to appreciate this or be looking for more problems on the horizon? Either way, I know He is faithful and I’m trying to lean into Him.

Also, it’s today or tomorrow for working out! I need to just DO it.

On an unrelated note, today is my daddy’s 65th birthday! Wow. He’s getting up there. 🙂 Happy birthday, Dad! Have a blessed 4th, everyone.

EDIT: My cousin’s little girl Cadence was also born today! How cool 🙂

October 2012 Goal List

I’ve been procrastinating all day concerning this post, but I’ve also gotten some decent work done today, so I guess that’s a good trade off. 🙂 My goals for October are as follows:

  • Continue memorizing Psalm 103.
  • Work out once a week (I did well when I took that PE class over the summer but all bets were off after that….I want to do better).
  • Keep a food diary (I’m a few days behind- tomorrow is the day!).
  • Organize closet (roll-over from last month. Really want to get this one knocked out this month if I can).
  • Stay on top of typing and school (hopefully by mid-month? Big due date on Oct. 14th for school; just caught up with typing this morning).
  • Take one creative photo this month. Put some thought into it.

There we go. The post is done! That wasn’t so hard now, was it?

If you’re reading this…hi! I want to look around at the linked blogs on Kelli’s website soon and comment. {I’m guessing if you’re reading this, there’s a large chance that you’ve come from Kelli’s link-up party. 🙂 } We all need to encourage each other, as the best things about these public goal lists is public accountability! Let’s check up on each other and be each other’s voices of reality, shall we? ^_^

Have a brilliant Thursday!

September 2012 Report Card

Well, hiiii! If you’re reading this, you’ve come here for one and one thing only- my personal grade for my September goals. Let me just say…as a whole, I’m pleased with the things I accomplished this month. I definitely could’ve done better but I feel as a first month of goals, I did pretty well and ultimately, I look forward to killing it (by His grace! ^_^ ) in October.

So without further ado:

Take 3-day Facebook sabbaticals twice monthly.  A

Yay, I did this! My sabbaticals this month did consist of allowing facebook messaging to be open, but on the whole, I successfully got some time out of my internet head and into my life head.

Stay on top of billing for job. Bill for July/Aug and prep for September.  F

How does one even score on something like this? This F is going to seriously mess up my monthly average. Well, I didn’t do this. I had planned to do some billing work yesterday (the last day of September, squeeeezing it in there), but I instead spent the whole day with a friend. I don’t regret it though, it was a much-needed time. But now I just need to get some billing done this week. <:D

Look into healthy eating and trying multi-enzyme.  B

I don’t quite know what I meant by looking into healthy eating…I eat fairly healthy as it is, but I guess I could do better. I am seriously struggling with my flesh here- literally! – on moving forward with this. I ultimately will likely need medical care and that’s a scary thought. I continue to eat pretty well and the semi-good grade comes from the multi enzyme part. I have successfully tried it with meals and I now know it affects my body somewhat oddly in a way that shouldn’t be described here…but I think it has some positive effects as well. At the moment, I am off it to attempt to compare the two bodily states. We shall see what becomes of this.

Organize closet.  F

I didn’t do this. It is being moved to October though, for sure! And if not then, by the end of the year, Lord willing!

Memorize Scripture.  A

I’m so glad He enabled me to get the ball rolling on this this month. It’s so refreshing to be back on track with it. I’m memorizing Psalm 103 at the moment. I think I’m pretty solid up through verse 11 and I hope to get further by next month.

No more than 1.5 hours of fun internet a day. A-

I think I did pretty well here. I’m giving myself a minus because I don’t know if online TV counts? I didn’t clarify that to myself, haha. Overall, I think I did decently with this goal.

Start Lisa project.  B

The actual project I was referring to has not technically been started, but I have been doing part of it- getting email templates up and running. I’ll take half-credit for that move, as it brings me that much closer to my end goal.

Stay on top of typing. B-

I did well with this for part of the month. I give myself a B minus because as it stands, I’m not caught up and I definitely wasted some good time earlier in the month- some specific free time- NOT working, which was silly. I’m cutting myself some slack though as I picked up extra work mid-month due to my coworker being out of town. This, along with school deadlines, essentially pushed me further in the hole when I was just about to get out of it! So there you have it.

Overall grade:  B-

*Ok, I was looking at these various grades and I honestly don’t know how to average them? hehe. I just made up some sort of complicated numbering system that is likely not even mathematically correct. Maybe it should be a C? Enlighten me, Kelli.

That’s it! October goals will be up soon, I have other things to handle this evening. Have a good one!

P.S. All credit goes to Kelli of shelearnsasshegoes.com for this great goal idea. 🙂