The home stretch- Sep. 2012

Well, here we are nearing the end of September. So, Jobe, how are you feeling about your September goals?…Pretty good. I’m looking at about a 60-70% success rate this month, if that’s even the correct percentage. Unsure about that. Anyway, this has been a good endeavor thus far and I’m sticking with it. Lord willing, things will progress a bit more next month and the month after and the month after…

I will update more at the end of the week going into October. In fact, I need to compile an October goals list. I’m sure some of my September goals are going to roll over. 🙂

How has your month been? Have you made any strides in short-term life goals?




The final week of August is over and thanks to smaller amounts of typing work in general, I managed to fully complete my typing- yay!- and do some art homework, which I’m also doing today. I have more typing this weekend, but thankfully there is Labor Day…a huge blessing from God! 🙂 September is here and everything begins!