Last week of August goals.

So I had my first day as a nanny yesterday- only for about 2.5 hours- but it was enough to totally wear me out. I was extreeeemely active with the girls, allowing them to climb all over my back and have piggyback rides and even let the 6-year-old ride on my shoulders for awhile. All in all, I’m massively sore and not quite looking forward to today’s 2.5 hours…and the next day, and the next . 🙂 That being said, I have essentially 3 “simple” goals for this week.

  • Stay on top of typing. Dude, seriously…keep with it.
  • Start getting the emails/spreadsheet ready for my employer.
  • Read my art history textbook and finish minor assignments along the way.

If I can keep up with those things well this week (doing pretty good so far, thank You, Lord!), it will be looking good going into September.



Daily Goals- August 27th

My own personal checklist for today. Just felt like doing this. 🙂 New job starts tomorrow and I’m trying to get things wrapped up here at home beforehand. I also put things like “shower” on my list because I like to check things off! haha.

  • Run to library/bank
  • Shower
  • Start online art class
  • Lunch
  • Finish typing and take in
  • Bible Time
  • Wash clothes (at least 2 loads)
  • Start organizing emails/spreadsheets for Lisa
  • Clean bathroom
  • Return items to Walmart

UPDATE (5:30pm): Doing well…yay! If I italicize an item, it’s in progress- bold an item, I finished it. No grading on daily goals. :-/

End of day update: I’m pleased. I didn’t make it to the bank, but that was a lesser errand and starting on the emails for Lisa is not immediately urgent, so I feel good about what was accomplished today. Praise God!

September 2012 Goals

Initially, I might try to tie myself down with too much. Even the little things could be hard to keep up with. But if I trust in the Lord and don’t freak out about mess-ups, this first month doesn’t -have- to be crazy. 🙂

  • Take 3-day facebook sabbaticals at least twice a month, hopefully moving to at least thrice monthly.
  • Stay on top of transcription billing. This means catching up (billing for July and August) and keeping up with it as the month goes along so that I can easily pull together an invoice by the end of the month.
  • Look into healthy eating and try a couple of friend-recommended OTC meds to help my physical issues.
  • Organize my closet and get rid of stuff I don’t need.
  • Begin memorizing Scripture again.
  • Allow myself no more than 1.5 hours “fun” internet time per day (this will be a tough one :-/  See? I’m lame, I need help!)
  • Get Lisa project underway and working (organizing emails and creating spreadsheets)
  • Stay on top of typing work and don’t fall behind (biggie…)

That’s it for now. As the month goes on, I might add to this list if I feel I am doing well in these areas. These first 2 or 3 months might be more low-key like this, but I’m already looking forward to working on this. I will update as things progress!

It’s not by my strength. If it were, this would be impossible.

Hi. The name’s Joanna, but you can call me Jobe- a nickname my friends gave me in high school. I’m starting this blog because I want to hold myself accountable for the goals I want to achieve. They may be big goals, they may be small goals- but they’re more likely to be small. I’m going to be doing this monthly and at the end of the month/the start of the next, I’m going to be giving myself a grade on how well I did.

The “goal” is not to beat myself up when I do poorly, because that’s not what my Heavenly Father wants for me. The goal is to allow God to grow me through this experience and learn to rest in HIS strength. It might seem a bit silly, but I’m actually terrified of this blog challenge. I’m used to coasting through life on my terms, doing what I want with “my” time. But that’s not the way it works. If I want to get closer to Jesus in my walk with Him and if I want to learn to spend time more wisely (which is not actually mine in the first place, it’s His and He’s free to take it away from me at any point), I need to start practicing time management as if I’m honing a skill. Because, well, it IS a skill.

I’m 23 and in many ways, I still have the mindset of a willful child used to having my own way. I manage to scrape by every week doing just enough work to still feel good about myself and allowing myself plenty of play time in between. It’s time to start growing up. Also, I’m single and I have a lot of maturing to do before God brings a man into my life. Maybe this is the time that I should be focusing on how to serve the Lord better with the time, finances and spiritual gifts He has already blessed me with. And that starts with getting my OWN crap together. So September’s goals are going to directly relate to clearing out the clutter in my heart life, change some of the ways I spend time and try to take better care of my body.

By His grace, I’m ready!